Adapted from Clinton’s novel The Missing President, joined by Jenny McTeer

Adapted from Clinton’s novel “The Missing President”, joined by Jenny McTeer
Winner of the 57th Golden Globe Awards for the best actress in the comedy category, Jenny McTeer, announced that she will join the showtime pilot episode “The Missing President”.The script is based on the novel of the same name jointly written by former US President Bill Clinton and James Patterson, and will begin shooting this year.Jenny McTeer.The picture comes from the network “The Missing President” is adapted from the screenplay written by the writer Anthony Peckham of “Sherlock Holmes” (Sherlock Holmes), and the lead actor of “The Nightingale” and “Thelma” by David Oiro.In the play, he plays a vice president who has no real power and lacks ambition. After the president disappeared, he became president according to the procedure.Although he was unwilling, he had to catch the duck to take office and enter a White House full of confidential calculations and facing the world crisis.As a result, he himself suffered enemies and was ruined by scandals and conspiracies. He had to choose whether to follow the party line or stick to his conscience.The new Jenny McTeer will play Carolyn Brock, the chief of staff of the White House, in the play. She is responsible for maintaining the public image of the president. Her strength and professionalism are her characteristics.Other starring actors include Paul Anderstein in “Grey Intern”.Jenny McTeer Air Force has won “Dandelion” in the Golden Ball Award for Best Actress in the Comedy category of the film, and has repeatedly been nominated for the Golden Globe, Emmy, and Oscar Awards.Prior to joining “The Missing President”, Jenny McTeer had just finished filming the third season of the Netflix series “Black Money Target”, and she has been a resident actor of “Black Money Crime” since the second season.Foreign media analysis pointed out that participating in “The Missing President” may prevent her from being able to perform the role after the third season of “Black Money Suspect”.Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Editor Tong Na proofreading Wu Xingfa