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A handsome actor, even a dumb dog? | Ye Wen
Answer: Shiba Inu.Many people did not expect that it looks more like Samoyed in appearance, but according to the end of the luxury version of the Inuyasha comic published in Taiwan, Ryoko Takahashi believes in an interview that Inuyasha looks like a Shiba in any way.The reason why they are set as “dogs” is because they are the most popular partners of human beings.Although many people still can’t admit that the handsome actor is a regular expression Shiba Inu on the Internet, but it is associated with the background of the Japanese Warring States. Combining history, the protagonist is set to “Japanese soil dog”., And Bai Chai and Hei Chai.”Inuyasha” is the most famous work of cartoonist Takahashi Rumiko among Chinese audiences, and later an animation and theater version.It can be conveyed to the introduction of animation by TV stations such as Star TV, and the alternative is the TV on demand in early 2000.Although I can never see the full content, but have the on-demand rubbing others, some 80s, 90s also got animated enlightenment.On March 30, 2010, the final episode of Inuyasha was broadcast in Japan.”Inuyasha” tells the story of the half-demon Inuyasha, born of humans and monsters, who was excluded from his childhood due to his own blood, so he wanted to get the power of the Four Soul Jade to become a complete monster.In the process of collecting the jade fragments of the Four Souls with the companions of Nippon Kagome, Maitreya, Coral, and Seven Treasures.Ge Wei is the reincarnation of the witch platycodon in modern times. A modern girl entered the Warring States Period in Japan through a dry well. There are also monsters. Takahashi Rumiko’s imagination is fully displayed in the work.And her comics have changed from early love comedy and science fiction comedy works to exploring deeper things, which can be wiped from the entanglement between Inuyasha’s mixed-blood identity, how to accept self, and the two women.But this is not her most famous work.Rumeizi likes to draw comics at the middle school level. Although his submissions have been repeatedly frustrated, he participated in the comics research meeting with his brother’s encouragement.After attending college, she began to follow the training course of Koike’s manga training class to supplement her basic skills.Her efforts finally paid off. When she was a sophomore, her true debut, “Capricious Guys!”》 Received the “The 2nd Elementary School Hall Newcomer Award”, which gave her a bonus of 100,000 yen, which was equivalent to her two months’ rent at the time.However, at the time, she couldn’t even pay the fare to collect the prize and needed to borrow money from others.It may be an opportunity, she began to serialize her “Fu Xing Kid” in the elementary school hall, and this work made her famous.Later, “One Moment”, “Ranma 1/2”, “Mermaid Forest”, “Inuyasha” . made her a step-by-step leader in the Japanese comic industry. Among them, the birth of “Ranma 1/2” was also imported with Jackie Chan movies.Related to Japan, Takahashi Rumiko liked to watch Jackie Chan’s movies, so martial arts actions were added to the comics.In Japan, after an ordinary cartoonist creates a successful long story, it is difficult to maintain quality continuously, but Takahashi Rumiko did it.Sometimes she will open two or three pits at the same time and paint at the same time.The imagination of Tianma Xingkong and the delicate and realistic emotional portrayal of Takahashi Rumiko’s works are left to readers and audiences forever.