No. 9 Secret returned to the reputation, the original creator once lamented really tired

“No. 9 Secret” returned to the reputation, the original creator once lamented “really tired”
The fifth season of “Secret 9”, which was aired recently, is a horror suspense comedy once again written and performed by the two screenwriters who have collaborated on “Crazy City”.Current Douban score 9.2 minutes.The fifth season of “Secret 9” stills.The picture comes from the “Secrets of the 9th” series that can always keep high and high on the Internet. Each episode is only a short half hour, but it has attracted attention in many British and American dramas.The end of the film is highly praised.In addition to being famous for its absurd and suspicious style, its all-inclusive theme content and eclectic presentation form are also a highlight.The overall structure of “No. 9 Secret” is similar to the short story, substituting and refining.Each season that has been broadcast so far has only 6 episodes, each episode tells an independent and complete story.This structure and amount of information are similar to “Black Mirror”, which caused the topic in 2011, and part of “Black Mirror” focuses on the dangerous impact of future uncontrolled high-tech on human nature, and “Secret 9” is even moreMost of the materials are drawn from all aspects of life, and the scope of the screenwriter’s coverage is all-encompassing, but it is limited to some kind of substitution.In the diameter of burning brain, “Secret 9” is also better.However, the most completely different thing is that the word of mouth of Secret No. 9 has always been high and high. The results of the first four seasons ended are all above 9 points, and the news that the sixth season has been renewed just after the fifth season started.One of the reasons for being able to sing so fast and break the “strange circle” of three seasons is: the sublimation and reversal of the last two minutes of “Secrets 9”.Without seeing the last moment, it is difficult to predict, what kind of stalks does this screenwriter throw?Is it a spicy spoof with endless aftertaste?Still a suspenseful horror that makes people think about it?Or both.The main creator has never received professional performance training. The play was created by the cooperation of two screenwriters: Rees Shellsmith and Steve Pemburton, who had been Mark Gattis (“Detective”) during collegeOne of the main screenwriters of Sherlock) and Jeremy Dessang formed a comedy group-“Gentlemen’s Union”, when their work won the Edinburgh Comedy Award.In 2009, Rees and Steve continued to work together in “The Crazy City” and wrote and acted in the form of a single person with multiple corners.The success of “Crazy City” led the two to join hands with the BBC again in 2014 to launch this typical British dark suspense comedy “Secret 9”.It is worth mentioning that the two screenwriters have never received professional performance training, but there is no sense of disobedience in the different images set in “Secret 9”, and they all act in a manner that suits the role, and their superb acting skillsThe man was shocked and convinced.In this high-density performance and script creation, Rees and Steve once said with emotion: really tired!It has to be different every week.In terms of performance, it is necessary to associate the makeup, personality characteristics and character destiny of different characters.As for the script, you need to hollow out all your imagination and construct a different worldview.The opening episode is based on the referee ‘s eyes, actions and dialogue. The first episode of the fifth season of Secret No. 9 is not as eye-catching as the premiere episodes in the previous four seasons, but it is also remarkable. It continues the previous episode well.Absurd style and deep satire.Stills of the first episode.The picture comes from the network. The theme of the episode focuses on the British football. The two core teams involved in the play are likely to insinuate Manchester United and Manchester City.The opening screen first pointed out the famous quote of Liverpool ace coach Bill Shankly: “Some people think football is about life and death. I don’t like this attitude.I can assure you: its importance is far beyond life.”Then the story of the whole article, without the appearance of football and games, uses the eyes, manners, actions and dialogues of the four referees as the carrier of the plot.The protagonist of this episode is the referee Martin. Whether he arrives early and wears neatly or warms up at the same time, he warns the other three colleagues that the referee should remain neutral and rigorous. They all show that the retiring Martin is meticulous and gentle on the job of the referee.professional.When the game started, after experiencing a “mistake” judgment by a side referee, Martin, as the chief judge, had to bear the responsibility for the wrong penalty for this colleague who received the black money, and then faced a reputational career as Waterloo.Just when the top floor is full of grief and loss, Martin wins sympathy from both sides, and the whole episode also reaches the last two minutes. At this time, the audience sitting in front of the screen will be the same as every episode of the previous seasons.Applauds the ending.Then there is the new expectation: What is the novel reversal of the next story?The pseudo-live performance in the form of presentation and the audience’s interplay “Secret 9” is not a casual script suitable for chatting or eating, because any omissions of details and information will make you miss the understanding of the final outcome.In addition to the unexpected reversal at the end of each episode, the play is also ingenious in its presentation.The hidden article “Inventor” launched at the end of a first season is a set of PPT-like webpage pictures that only exist on the official website of “Secret 9”.When watching, you need to think more about the details specified on the picture to understand all the content of the whole story.Another example is the other special article “Death” of “The Secret 9” broadcast on the British BBC II on October 28, 2018, which will be broadcast live on TV.At the time of the live broadcast of the episode, the video screen was automatically muted from time to time, and there was a notification screen on the BBC two broadcast accident and the staff’s narration. The narration was accompanied by another inaudible noise.Since then, the BBC II ‘s footage has continued to have accidents, fires, staff suicides, and exorcists to exorcise ghosts. All the real-life images and materials are all about the studio used to shoot Secret 9.(Years ago, there were many strange incidents in this studio. At that time, various programs were divided into reports.) After that, the live broadcast of the two stations was switched to the surveillance camera of the dressing room for no reason, from which you can see the two screenwriters who had to rest here due to the occurrence of the broadcast accident.The unintentional dialogue between the two people and the previous flashback screen commands were placed in front of the screen at this time. The audience who was originally confused was standing upside down. The various camera switches afterwards were all very scary.Of course, this is a pseudo live broadcast of the episode and the BBC teaming up, and the first one is actually a live-in drama that interacts with the audience.The plot in the play and the haunting incident outside the play are correctly combined, and the ghost’s interference with the live broadcast room and the guide room is taken into a chill.During the live broadcast, the tweets sent by the two screenwriters in the dressing room and the official BBC response were all real interactions. At that time, many viewers asked through Twitter whether the two screenwriters were really dead . presumably staying on the screen that day.The fans who watched the live broadcast before experienced the best viewing effect.Easter eggs: 1.Regarding the name of the script: The creators mentioned in an interview that “Secret 9” is a name that comes to mind at random. It was not originally a 9 number. Later, it was decided to use 9 more smoothly.2.From the first season, there is a brass rabbit sculpture hidden in the scenes of each episode, so finding rabbits has become a great fun for fans.The rabbit in the first episode of the fifth season.The picture comes from the author of the network Wen Siqi sauna night net editor Tong Na proofreading Liu Baoqing