Broadway The Lion King 235 sets of masks and occasional live 25 animals

Broadway “The Lion King” 235 sets of masks and occasional “live” 25 animals
Tamo is customizing clothing fabrics and making masks.Photo / Tour Tour Bangkok Station Publications Mufa Sandblade Scarlet Mother Lioness Lioness Shazura Fitch Scar Scar Nana (Infant, Adult) Photographer Joan Marcus Copyright belongs to Disney Dis Produced by Disney Theatre Group, Australia Macquar Group, The original Broadway musical “Lion King” jointly presented by Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd. and the seven-act life musical, announced that it will open in Wuhan and perform in Beijing in 2020.Starting from the premiere of Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater on February 19, 2020, “The Lion King” will perform in 200 places in both places, and the performance will last for more than half a year. Among them, the Beijing Poly Theater will be opened on May 6, 2020.For three months, this is the largest and longest station of the Broadway original musical “The Lion King” in this international tour.  The musical “Lion King”, which premiered in 1997, has 25 internationally produced versions in 22 years. It has been translated into 8 languages and attracted more than 100 million viewers worldwide. The box office revenue has exceeded 9 billion US dollars and toured in China.10,000 tickets are sold in one hour in advance.In 2017, Disney launched the 20th anniversary of the international tour of the “Lion King” musical Broadway, and premiered in Manila in March 2018. The producer of this tour, McCall, introduced to the sauna and Yewang. The current “Lion King”There are 9 production versions in the world at the same time. The Wuhan and Beijing resident performances will be synchronized with Broadway, West London and other places.  The story of the musical “Lion King” is adapted from the animated film of the same name familiar to the audience. The biggest charm of the stage version of “Lion King” is how to use more than 200 sets of masks and idols to produce 25 animals in the African savannah.But compared to the post-production of animated movies, how to show these natural things at the same time as musical shows can make the audience not play, completely believe that they are talking to a lion, a mandrill or even a bird, it is not an easy task, sauna, Yewang went to Bangkok, Thailand to perform a backstage tour, and interviewed the director of the mission Omar Rodriguez, the director of the mask and puppet department Tim Lucas, the director of the clothing department Suz Hogg, and the director of the hair and makeup department.Thur Jay Rose and the actors starring Simba, Scar, Mufasa, Nana, Shazu, and Lafitch perform the secret production of the musical “The Lion King”.    The concept audience can clearly see the actors intervening into the backstage of “The Lion King”, and the large and small props and costumes fill the upper and lower three floors of the theater’s auxiliary stage area.At the beginning of the evening performance, when the familiar theme song of “Endless Life” sounded in the first act, the audience sitting in the auditorium burst into tears, because the scene in front of them was that the African savannah animals that could only be seen in the animated film came from the theater.From all corners of the house, under the performance of the actors, elegant and arrogant leopards roamed on the stage, and the birds screaming and hooting overhead, when you can pass by two elephants of the same height as real animals,There are 4 5s not far away.The 48-meter-high giraffe paced slowly . All of this behind the stage was made of 134 people and 235 sets of dolls and props, and this system of tight fitting operation like fine instruments has gone through 22 years.  The Tony Award-winning female director Julie Taymo is a play that can continue to operate efficiently and replicates Chang Xin’s heroes for 22 years. As a director, she also served as a co-designer of costume design and masks., Is the biggest aspect of the staged presentation of a major story of the public.The crew provided a set of data about the “animals” in the play to Sauna and Yewang: 52 antelopes, 32 rhinos, 14 lionesses, 15 gazelle, 12 flying birds, and 3 animals appeared in 25 animals.Zebra, 2 elephants, 4 giraffes.To elaborate further, the biggest animal on the stage is an elephant, which is 3.96 meters, width 2.At 74 meters, the smallest animal is a small mouse on the crutches of the villain, only 12.At 7 centimeters, the most “dense” animals are the ants on Ms. Ant’s clothes, a total of 100 . Among these animals, the performances of large animals are presented by actors under the masks of simple mechanical organs and portable motor devices.Twenty-two years ago, director Julie and mask puppet designer Michael Colley, based on data from totems and animal habits of primitive tribes in Africa, organized artisans to produce the first edition of puppets and masks. It took 17,000 hours.  When designing these dolls and masks, Taimo’s creative concept is to present a “dualistic” effect on the stage, that is, to allow the audience to clearly see how the actors on the stage perform an animal.For example, the actor performing Sha Zubird, while speaking the lines, also manipulates the organs of the puppets to make the mouth of the puppets fit together, and at the same time meticulously imitate the movements of the birds.It is played by a person, but due to the skillful training of the actors, when the plot enters the second half, the audience will gradually forget to aim at the person behind the even bird. At this time, the actor and the animal are integrated, and the resident director Omar RodriguezTo Sauna and Yewang, this stage performance method is also the biggest charm of the musical “The Lion King”: “This open performance and unwrapped prop design is the feeling that Taimo wants the audience to see in 4D.The audience is always watching the drama when they are sitting on the stage, and they need to radiate imagination. In the process, they will have a sense of participation. Therefore, some audiences say that the “Lion King” people are immersive.”Grinding character in the design shape, close to the natural couple in the details, the design of props and costumes is the unique feature of the musical” The Lion King “, Tim Lucas, director of the mask and puppet department, and Suz, director of the costume department· Hogg coincided with the sauna, Ye Wang said that the current design plan of the “Lion King” is the first version 22 years ago. Due to the exquisite design details, these materials have been made due to the development of technology.In addition to the upgrade, other designs are not outdated and are still in use today.The main concept of “Serving the Road” design is to pursue “can cut the character of the character from the shape, restore the reality of nature from the details”. Sauna, Yewang selected several starring costumes and props to do in-depth design secrets, interestingYes, although the masks and props starring such as Simba, Mufasa, and Scars are very heavy and complicated, but they are actually soft and light, which is convenient for the actors to retain their physical strength throughout the show.The feathers used come from the real hair on the animal.  The mask and puppet Mufasa crew showed a total of four starring masks-Simba’s father Mufasa, mother Sarabi, girlfriend Nana, and the villain scars.These four masks are made of a new type of plastic, so they can be very light.There are obvious differences in the design of the four masks. Among them, the head shape of the Mufasa mask is the most rounded. Lucas explained that “Because Mufasa represents justice and leadership in the story, he is a representative of a positive image, soHis face design will be rounded, showing majesty.At the same time, it is also to echo the song “Circle of Life”.”Blade villain scar” Because of the cunning character of the character, the face shape of the scar mask is similar to “snake”, and the left and right faces are asymmetrical, echoing the imperfect personality of the bad guy.In particular, the motor is implanted in the mask of the scar, which makes the mask also an idol. The actor can move the motor on the stage in real time through the plot to show the insidious twist of the villain, fierce demonstrations and other actions.  The female lion, as the representative of the female lion role, Sarabi and Nana, has clear and gentle facial lines in the design. Lucas said this represents “feminine gentle power”.Nana ‘s mask looks more “sharp-eyed” than Sarabi ‘s, and Sara Nude is more loving and calm. This is the difference in age between the two female characters.  Sha Zu Sha Zu’s actor’s hand is a bird pup that has extended playing time throughout the performance. It is the most frequently used bird pup. Its head is enlarged to facilitate the audience to clearly see Sha Zu bird’s blink and mouth.Opening and closing.Sha Zu’s doll has a lot of dynamic joints. In addition to eyes, mouth, head, body, feet and wings, it can rotate flexibly. During the performance, the actor’s left hand is placed behind the doll to control the flapping of the wings, while the right handA certain auxiliary connecting rod, pulling the handle of the connecting rod, the actor can control the rotation of the bird’s neck, mouth opening and closing and blinking in real time.  Lucas introduced that in an international tour, there are a total of three staff members in the mask and mask group, but the workload is very huge. They need to spend a few hours every day on the maintenance of 235 sets of masks and props-placed on the showThe loss of medium color, repair of broken organs, motor devices, check whether all joints can be used flexibly, etc.  Lafic Mandrill Lafic is the narrator of the whole story of “The Lion King”, and she swapped the audience in the musical.In the story, Lafitch is a wise man’s setting. She is the character who lifts Simba and guides Simba’s growth all the way, so in the design of Lafitch’s clothing, in addition to retaining the primate primateIn addition to her long legs and a round butt, she also has a lot of “gadgets” on her clothes. These gadgets can basically be prototyped and have eccentric designs. They represent the collections that Lafic has been traveling around for many years.  Scars Scars are the heaviest and most complex to wear, with a total weight of 20 kg. Since the motor of the mask is hidden inside the clothes, it takes 15 minutes to wear the clothes.In design, because the scar shape is not as strong as Mufasa, the outer is strong and the stem is dry, so the overall clothing is tall and thin.The scars are covered with split branches like bone makeup. In addition to highlighting the character’s strong appearance and the empty inside, the vision is also close to the plants in the prairie.  Nana (childhood, adulthood) Nana’s clothing is divided into two ages, making it the most complicated production process.Beads in series are wrapped around the waist to the chest, and two rows of symmetrical white shells are on the chest. They are handmade and connected in series.The difference between large and small Nana clothes is the size of the shell, but the number remains the same.In addition, the color of the Nana bead string is layered, and light-colored and nearly white beads are used near the chest. This design is derived from the white hair on the belly of a real lion.  All the fabrics of “Lion King” costumes are printed by printing African totems.There are a total of 25 people in a costume group for a show, divided into a dress-up group, a maintenance group and a cleaning group. Among them, 14 people in the dress-up group. Their fastest dress-up will be completed in 10 seconds. These 25 people spend a week on clothes.The time is 30 hours.  Performance Let the animals “live” and start with the performance of flowers and flowers. Despite the elaborate service, if there is no skilled performance by the actors, the audience will still inevitably “dance the show”.In order to make the audience believe that the actor is manipulating the puppet, they can believe that they are the animal in memory. The actor and even the group performance of “The Lion King” need to wear masks and props to practice for more than two months.  Because the story of “The Lion King” happened in Africa, the crew set up a long-term selection group of actors in South Africa. The actor Mufhursa Mukhulkozisi Ekaim Kanyaile who played Mufasa was selected from the South African actor library.Here.These actors from South Africa are very important to the director, because in order to be close to the survival state of the African savannah, many lines need to be described in native African languages, such as the actor Natassia Pa Bochin who plays Lafic, Born in South Africa, she will always speak an indigenous language as the opening speech, and this indigenous line is actually different every time. Boqin told the sauna and Yewang that she sometimes divides several sessions to talk about herself.Hear the story of a thief.Actors with characteristics like this represent the selection criteria of the “Lion King” crew-they will all have their own character traits, or close to the background of the story. For example, the actor Anthony Lawrence who plays a scar has a thin and thinThe size and sharp appearance, while Andre Jensen, who plays Sha Zu, is relatively short in size, which is convenient to hide behind the even bird, and Mufasa and Simba have a unified body and strong muscles.  Body language is the focus of the “Lion King” performance training. Since the performances are all animals, the most basic animal habits and common actions are the basic homework that the actor needs to do when he receives the role.Actor Jordon Shaw, who plays Simba, told Sauna and Yeewang that he felt that he was selected because he had played the musical “Cat” before, and he was very familiar with the movements of cats, so during daily practice, heIt often shows walking on tiptoe and licking claws.But how to perform physical expression under the shackles of masks and dolls is the difficulty in the performance. For example, the tail flicking of the scar has become one of his signature moves, but the tail made of thick rope is very heavy, how to throw it outThe beautiful moving lines, and the actors who don’t suffer from the competition when shaking, are the difficulties of Lawrence’s repeated practice every day.At the same time, in order to achieve “unity of humans and animals” in the performance, giving these animal characters personality is the second round of homework after the actor’s basic skills training is completed. Zhu Sen, who played Sha Zu, introduced that because he expressed it through the entire audience, So he will design his own unique movements about Shazuo even birds. For example, when whispering, Zhu Sen will cover his beak with his wings to anthropomorphize the performance . These performance trainings are all completed in high-density rehearsal, daily training timeOver 8 hours, most of the protagonists started to practice from “one grass” and “one flower” in the group acting roles.  What surprises Asian audiences is that in the performance of the musical “The Lion King” you can also see other performing arts in Asia, such as Chinese shadow puppetry, and Japanese puppet shows.  [Q & A]Sauna Night Net: A lot of Asian stage art can be seen on the stage. Is this design a coincidence or specifically customized for Asian audiences?  Felipe Gamba (Director of Disney Theatre Production International Production Department): Actually, the stage not only covers Asian performing arts, but also Victorian performances. The most charming part of “The Lion King” is here.The reason why it has not become a classic is because at the beginning of the creation, the play used cultures from all over the world, so that the audience in every place in the world will feel that it is telling a story in its own cultural context.  Sauna Nightnet: After coming to China, will you make some local adaptations?  Omar Rodriguez (Director in Mission): I will design on the lines, for example, some greetings will be spoken in Chinese, and we are also doing research to see if there are interesting life scenes in the exclusive performance venues.For example, in a performance in Bangkok, we introduced the concept of a night market.  Sauna Night Net: “The Lion King” has a special performance area, will the theater be renovated?  Wang Shengnan (Business Director of Poly Theater): The Beijing Poly Theater will renovate the interior of the theater in February next year. It will take 20 days to remove the soundboard used by the theater for nearly 20 years, and will perform two weeks of stage maintenance after the performance.For reconstruction, the total cost is expected to be nearly 5 million.  Sauna Night Net: Nowadays, there are so many musicals on Broadway and West End in London. Why did you choose to introduce “Lion King” at a high cost at this time? Are you confident to attract more and more aesthetic audiences?  Yang Jiamin (founder and CEO of Seven Acts Life): First of all, this story has a high popularity, and it is not a simple children’s story. There is growth and adult feelings in it.Secondly, this time we introduced it in the form of a resident performance. This method is different from the short-term tour. The resident performance requires that every prop, performance, and technical details be 100% translated to the original version, so we chose the “Lion King”.The classic musical with a high degree of story popularity is to use this to bring Chinese musical performances into an era of residency.  Collection / Sauna, Yenet Tian Ai Ni Pictures of this edition (except for signatures) / Sauna, Ye Net Ai Ni