Dali Sailor sings rock, director directs childhood memories to musical stage

“Dali Sailor” sings rock, director directs childhood memories to musical stage
By the well-known musician and director Fan Chong as the music director, “The Young Boy”-the rock musical “Dali Sailor” was performed from December 4th to 8th in the Tianqiao Art Center Central Theater.On November 1st, the rock musical “Dali Sailor” antiqued the music audition on the first page (Sanlitun Store). The producer, producer, and big-name media CEO Liu Dayi of the play, the music director of the play, well-known musicPeople, director Fan Chong, Sang Kezhou, the actor of Popeye Popper, and Cui Xiuli, the actor of “Goddess” Olivia, attended the event.The two leading actors are singing.At the audition, Popper player Sang Kezhou and Olivier player Cui Xiuli performed and sang fragments from four musicals.Afterwards, Fan Chong, as the music director of the play, introduced the creation process of this time.He said that “Dali Sailor” as his childhood memory is also a part of his growth, and how to use rock to express a story about “growth”, a story about “love”, how to use music to write a common memory of a generation, isThe problem he had to solve first.In addition, he also shared the music road that his military musical industry has traveled for more than ten years, as well as his persistence and exploration on this road.Finally, Fan Chong also announced a heavy news at the scene. On October 30, 2019, he officially signed Universal Music, which is bound to be a strong needle in the musical industry, making young people armed with this industry more aware”The future is expected”.Finally, the producer and producer of the play, Liu Dayi, introduced the original intention of producing the rock musical “Dali Sailor” and the journey from the copyright in the United States to the stage by stage.”Dali Sailor” is not only a uniform in his mind, but also a representative symbol of “civilian hero” in his heart, which is synonymous with “love” and “courage”, which coincides with the “rock” he has always loved.Main creative sharing creation.At the same time, Liu Dayi also shared the difficulty of taking copyright. To a large extent, in addition to animations and live-action movies, “Great Sailor” appeared in other forms around the world. After several years of tug-of-war, he finally got the “Great Sailor” musical.Exclusive copyright, this will also be the world’s first “Dali Sailor” on stage.In order to present the best singing performance, the rock musical “Dali Sailor” uses a live band configuration. Such a high specification means that it needs to pay more, and Liu Dayi thinks it is worth it because he just wants to doThe best musical.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Wu Longzhen proofreading Liu Jun